Technology for maximum performance and guarantee coffee quality

  • The TANGO® ST DUO is one of a kind in the super automatic market and offers a high level of performance and speed while guaranteeing exceptional quality in the cup, as attested by all coffee professionals. The DUO has two touch screens with a choice of 96 drinks while working two brew stations at the same time. With the Cappuccinatore device, the standard milk recipes are perfectly created automatically. In the TANGO® STP DUO configuration, recipes can be delivered hot or cold with a velvet like textured milk foam.

  • Espresso 40 ml : 440 tasses-cups/h
  • Lungo 100 ml : 300 tasses-cups/h
  • Cappuccino 100 ml : 240 tasses-cups/h*
  • Café lait / Latte 100 ml : 180 tasses-cups/h*
  • Latte macchiato 300 ml : 100 tasses-cups/h*
  • Eau chaude / Hot water : 56 L/h

  • The TANGO® ST-STP range takes full advantage of the patented TANGO® Dual Infusion Chamber and UNIC’ expertise in super-automatic espresso machines manufacturing for unrivaled performance and extraction quality. Superior components and materials, large capacity boilers, precision grinders, detailed programming of all calibration s ensure a perfect result in the cup.
Technical features
Width: 60 cm 24”
Depth: 63 cm 25”
Height: 75 cm 30”/33” (NSF)
Weight: 130 Kg / 2867 Lb
Boiler Capacity / Power: 2 x 6.5 L / 4500W - 4370W
Power: 5200 W / 25 A (Single) / 8 A (3+N)
Voltage: 230 V (Single) / 400 V (3+N)